Our integrative, medical approach to achieving a healthy and happy life focuses on proactive and personalized techniques for optimal health.


IV Vitamin Nutrients Therapy

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Intravenous Vitamin (IV) Therapy infusions deliver vitamins, minerals, amino acids, and antioxidants directly into your bloodstream to replenish the body, resulting in an immediate, rejuvenating effect. At VitaLifeMD, we specialize in personalized IV therapy.


The Benefits

  • Boost energy and balance mood imbalances

  • Enhance slow metabolism

  • Replenish and detoxify the body

  • Support the body’s immunity and help chronic inflammation


Our Vitality Formulas

  • Basic Wellness: Recommended for anyone who needs a booster to replenish the body to its maximum energy and get back to an overall well being.

  • Immune Support (Basic or Super): A higher grade of Vitamin C combined with anti-infectious agents to support the immune system. Ideal for anyone who is sick or looking for a natural way to regulate the body’s immune system defenses.

  • Weight Loss and Detox: This formula enhances weight loss, helps the liver detox fats and carbohydrates, and optimizes your metabolism.

  • Athletic Performance: A blend of nutrients to support optimal energy and endurance.

  • Glutathione Drip: The most important natural antioxidant for your body, Glutathione offers vital support for multiple metabolic reactions and detoxification processes. It restores a healthy immune system, enhances the body’s defenses against infections, decreases the risk of autoimmune conditions and cancer, and is essential for optimal mental function.  



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The French Pressodermie® device offers a new generation of powerful medical pressothera technology. By creating a gradual increase of air pressure applied in sequences to the legs, alternating between compression and decompression, the body’s lymphatic system is effectively stimulated. The device provides a massage similar to the one provided by the hands of a practitioner, but with more regularity and improved lymphatic drainage.


The Benefits

  • Promote the detoxification of the body

  • Improve blood circulation and lymphatic drainage

  • Immediate relaxation and pain relief

  • Slim and redefine the body


Peptide Therapy

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Peptides have wide-ranging effects and can be used for a variety of conditions and symptoms, promoting wellness and longevity. Because peptides are so numerous and so different in their chemical structure, they have wide-ranging effects that can be used for various conditions and symptoms. Peptides help maintain hormonal balance and prevent age-related chronic diseases. A few months of treatment at VitaLifeMD, repeated at regular intervals, is necessary to feel the therapy’s full benefits.


The Benefits

  • Maintain hormonal balance

  • Increased energy and stamina

  • Enhance libido and sexual drive

  • Strengthen your hair, nails, and skin



NAD+ Therapy

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NAD+ regulates important biological effects including DNA repair, cellular energy, metabolism, and lifespan. As NAD+ declines with age, this impacts the natural repair mechanisms within the cells. The body becomes more susceptible to aging processes—the consequences are a progressive slowing down of metabolic functions and the development of many age-related pathologies. At VitaLifeMD, we offer various forms of NAD+ therapy. Treatment type and frequency is tailored to your individual needs after a detailed consultation with our practitioners. The most popular form of treatment is the intramuscular route: administered in just a few minutes, at our practice, and with our nurses. Patients usually leave feeling replenished and re-energized, and most describe a beneficial effect for a few days after the injection. A maintenance dose of NAD+ by at-home oral supplement is usually recommended.


The Benefits

  • Reduce signs of anxiety or depression

  • General wellness and longevity

  • Improve metabolism and curb cravings

  • Boost energy and athletic performance