Replenish your Body, Restore your Energy, Rejuvenate your Health

Intravenous Vitamin (IV) Therapy infusions deliver vitamins, minerals, amino acids, and antioxidants directly into your bloodstream to replenish the body, resulting in an immediate, rejuvenating effect. At VitaLifeMD, we specialize in personalized IV therapy.

The Benefits

  • Boost energy and balance mood imbalances

  • Enhance slow metabolism

  • Replenish and detoxify the body

  • Support the body’s immunity and inflammation systems

Our Vitality Formulas

Basic Wellness: Recommended for anyone who needs a booster to replenish the body to its maximum energy and get back to an overall well being.

Immune Support (Basic or Super): A higher grade of Vitamin C combined with anti-infectious agents to support the immune system. Ideal for anyone who is sick or looking for a natural way to regulate the body’s immune system defenses.

Weight Loss and Detox: This formula enhances weight loss, helps the liver detox fats and carbohydrates, and optimizes your metabolism.

Athletic Performance: A blend of nutrients to support optimal energy and endurance.

Glutathione Drip: The most important natural antioxidant for your body, Glutathione offers vital support for multiple metabolic reactions and detoxification processes. It restores a healthy immune system, enhances the body’s defenses against infections, decreases the risk of autoimmune conditions and cancer, and is essential for optimal mental function.  

More about IV Vitamin Therapy

The delivery of vitamins, minerals, amino-acids, and antioxidants directly into the bloodstream with maximum absorption has largely proven beneficial in treating or preventing a variety of conditions. The administration of these natural nutrients at a high concentration improves energy and performance both physically and mentally, resets the immune system, targets the detoxification processes, and promotes general health and anti-aging. Simultaneously, the body becomes optimally rehydrated.

At VitaLifeMD, our formulas can be adapted to your personal needs and completely customized per our physician. A nutrient evaluation test might be recommended at first in order to adapt the formula to each patient’s needs. By operating this way, we can custom-tailor our IV infusions to ensure the maximum effectiveness combined with minimal side effects.