Designed to educate and empower you, our consultations focus on helping you achieve a life of good health, happiness, and longevity.


Common Conditions

We create individualized treatments
for happy, healthy longevity


✔︎ Stress management

✔︎ Hormone balance therapy

✔︎ Cardiovascular health management

✔︎ Healthy immune system

✔︎ Natural preconception and pregnancy programs


Become a VitaLifeMD Patient



Your first VitaLifeMD consultation is a 60-minute medical evaluation that will cover everything from a comprehensive look at your health history and a nutrition consultation, to innovative lab testing and a discussion of your health objectives and treatment goals.

Follow Up

Within a few weeks after your first consultation, you will have a 30-minute in-depth follow up to review all the laboratory results. Together, we will design a Vitality Medicine treatment plan that is the best for you. This will include natural supplements, hormones, and medication as indicated.

What to Expect

Your personalized plan starts with the improvement of your lifestyle, all done in a pleasurable way. Our first approach will be the prescription of a personalized regimen of natural supplements, vitamins, and herbal medicines aiming at restoring optimal body functioning.

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