Vacuodermie® can treat the face or the body and various programs can be chosen depending on the goal of treatment. This deep tissue suction massage activates the lymphatic exchanges and oxygenates the skin in order to promote tissue rejuvenation. This new FDA-registered technique has the same anti-inflammatory and drainage properties as cupping, but offers more benefits due to the combination of simultaneous massage and suction. There are fewer risks and side effects, too.


The Benefits

  • Firms and tones your skin

  • Detox and lymphatic drainage

  • Sculpting massage and natural lifting effect

  • Excellent addition to your weight loss program

Popular in Europe for years and now gaining traction in the United States, Vacuodermie® is a computer-assisted technique and very simple. The device gently moves along the surface of the body to rejuvenate your body’s muscles and the subcutaneous tissues. More oxygen and essential nutrients can be delivered to the cells, restoring optimal cellular metabolism and promoting tissue rejuvenation.

Vacuodermie® can help with body contouring, weight loss and slimming, detoxification, and lymphatic drainage. It promotes a natural lifting effect, eliminates toxins and increases cellular drainage, helps with weight loss in addition to our VitaLifeMD weight loss program, firms and tones, minimizes scars, and improves circulation and lymphatic drainage.