Ideal for men and women looking for a natural way to help restore a more vital and younger looking appearance. French Nappage can rejuvenate both the skin and hair. The unique VitaLifeMD French Nappage is a popular skin rejuvenation and hair restoration technique performed for years in Europe. Dr. Fradin-Read is now bringing it to Los Angeles as an alternative or complement to laser resurfacing, microdermabrasion, and other aesthetic procedures. It uses entirely natural products, is virtually pain-free, and has no downtime or side effects.

The Benefits

  • Firmer, glowing, and well-moisturized skin

  • Softening of fine lines, wrinkles, and scars

  • Visible rejuvenation of skin’s tone and texture

  • No downtime or side effects

In French, nappage means “delicate coating.” This technique consists of microinjections of nutrients into the deep layers of the skin, diffusing peptides and stem cell growth factors throughout the face, leaving the skin radiant and nourished. On the scalp, the micro-injections of nutrients help revive the follicles and assist in slowing down the hair loss and promoting hair growth.

French Nappage can be applied alone or combined with deeper PRP injections. Both techniques act in synergy, enhancing the overall benefits. Expect to see visible rejuvenated skin texture, softened fine lines and wrinkles, improved hyperpigmentation and scars, and a firmer, brighter, and radiant appearance. If applied to your hair, expect a reduction of hair loss and shinier, fuller, and healthier hair.