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VitaLifeMD - Weightloss

At VitaLife-MD our weight management programs are unique and fully customized for each patient. Below are words from Dr Fradin-Read to her patients; many of them have successfully lost the weight and kept it down with her program:

"When it comes to weight management, I DO NOT believe in diet and exercise ALONE. I believe in identifying and fixing the patient's biochemistry and physiological imbalances that might have triggered the weight gain in the first place and that are probably continuing to contribute to impact the patient's ability to lose weight"

"Losing weight is easy and most of us have done it many times; keeping the weight down is another story, and long term weight maintenance should really be the goal"

"Do not talk about "DIET" as it contains the word "to die". A weight management program that does not include the hedonic part of food and the pleasure that comes with it will never prevail."

Why are our programs unique?

VitaLifeMD - Weightloss

Dr Fradin-Read collaborates closely with a knowledgeable professional, certified nutritionist, Derek Johnson, the director of nutrition programs at New Metabolism. The association of VitaLife-MD and New Metabolism at the same location offers the perfect support that patients with weight issues are looking for.

Both Derek Johnson and Dr Fradin-Read have received in-depth education and have years of expertise in the field of nutrition and metabolism. They both share the same philosophy that, in order to successfully lose weight, patients need first to be evaluated for possible biochemistry or physiology imbalances and try to optimize their health while starting the weight loss program.

Each patient is different; we do not believe in "one-fits-all" solution. Your assessment will combine a thorough in-depth evaluation of your metabolism/ hormonal status with a comprehensive overview of your nutrition and digestive function. You will be prescribed a personalized program that includes not only a food plan that is adapted to your needs, but also some metabolism support with natural supplements and / or medications as needed.

Dr Fradin-Read worked for several years with one of the famous French chefs Michel Guérard when he was launching his revolutionary approach to French cooking La Grande Cuisine Minceur (the Great Slimming Cuisine). She helped build a comprehensive medical weight management program and developed nutrition recommendations that were inspired by the chef's gastronomic slimming cooking recipes. This experience helped her realize that the success of the program resulted to a big extend from the adherence of the patients to a food plan that they could enjoy, instead of being disheartened dieters, sadly eating large plates of sparsely seasoned salads or broccolis, and totally deprived of the pleasure of food.

Your program at VitaLife-MD/New Metabolism will focus on keeping the key component of pleasure and fun at the center of your weight loss journey.

Education is one of the characteristics of our programs as empowering our patients about their health as well as promoting healthy lifestyle and nutrition has shown to be part of the long term success of our weight loss program and appears an indispensable step for the maintenance of a good weight in the future. For those interested, lectures and classes will be offered on a regular basis.

Several options are offered in collaboration with New Metabolism and Derek Johnson. Please contact our office to inquire about our weight loss consults and programs.