Patient Testimonials

"I went to Dr. Read for the hair loss problem that I was experiencing. She definitely took a realistic thorough approach to my problem. I had gone to a few other doctors prior who were supposed to be specialists in this field and they were unable to find the cause of my hair loss. Dr. Read was very compassionate and an expert in her field. She figured out what my problem was through her extensive searching and never giving up. I am so thankful to Dr. Read for being very empathetic and caring to keep searching for my ailment. I recommend Dr. Read very highly and can’t express my gratitude enough. I will be continuing with Dr. Read for my general health as she is so extensively talented and versed with an abundance of knowledge in so many areas."

Dee from Orange County, CA

"I have been a patient of Dr. Read for over ten years and cannot say enough good things about her. The truth is, I absolutely adore her!!! While many physicians seem to be purely in the business of disease management, Dr. Read goes WAY beyond that and manages her patients toward optimal health -- so refreshing. She is extremely knowledgeable and communicates sophisticated medical processes in terms that I’m able to understand and takes the time to listen to me. Not being a person who is fond of taking drugs, I’ve also enjoyed the way Dr. Read incorporates nutrition into her treatment plans. Aside from her medical competency, Dr. Read is one of the sweetest, most compassionate human beings I’ve encountered. In fact, I believe that a level of healing is rendered simply by being in her presence! What person looks forward to an appointment with their physician -- I do. Thank you, Dr. Read – please don’t EVER retire!!! "

Jeri P

"For as long as I can remember, I have always carried an extra twenty to forty pounds on my five foot frame. Regardless of what I did — Weight Watchers, The Zone, cutting carbs, extra cardio, no cardio — I could never lose the weight. After thirty years of begging doctors to look deeper into my inability to lose weight, I was fortunate to find Dr. Fradin-Read. There was something notably different when I sat down for my consultation. Dr. Read really listened to me and was genuinely curious to find a solution to my problem. And after getting the results of my blood work, Dr. Read did find the problem: I am leptin resistant. My body was actively working against all my endeavors to lose weight. We agreed on a strategy to help me achieve my goal: medication mixed with some dietary modifications and continuing with my exercise regimen. Over the next year, I lost the twenty pounds that I had never been able to lose. I went from a size ten to a size six! Dr. Read and the staff at VitaLife-MD were always a phone call or email away to answer my questions or tweak our strategy — always with my ultimate goal in mind. I am so thankful that I found Dr. Read. She changed my life. "

Jennifer R

"Dr Read, first and foremost, I have to thank you. After years and years of countless diets, doctors, eating, not eating, vitamins, supplements, shakes, etc., etc., you were the ONE doctor that actually knew what she was doing. You took the time to test me properly, and then put me on a course of action the would be sustaining and long lasting.

This was a journey and not a quick fix. I am so unbelievably happy with my results and ability to maintain my weight and health.

You are phenomenal and blessing. Words cannot express my gratitude for finally getting me off the diet "hamster wheel" and onto a healthy and happy life.

For anyone reading this, know that Dr. Dominique Fradin-Read is amazing!!!!!

With warmest regards,"

Linda M

"Please read this review carefully

I have been seeing Dr. Read for over 5 years and she has helped me incorporate natural solutions to some of my challenges. She is ahead of the curve in nutrition and integrative medicine. Her staff is attentive and amazing. The technology at VitaLife-MD is advanced. They pride themselves on service which is why they have a high-end clientele. This is not your "typical" doctor's office. In addition, Dr. Read as in "Dr. Dominique Fradin-Read" has been extremely involved with my hormone issues and has prescribed the correct balance to help get me back on track. Not an easy situation to put it mildly.

I love Dr. Read.
She is simply the best. Thank you Dr. Read!"

Jackie K.

"I first saw Dr. Read in 2012 and this was my review:

I cannot speak highly enough about Dr. Read and her staff. From the moment, I walked in, I felt like I was in a real life Private Practice (the show on ABC). In my first appointment, I spent a full hour with Dr. Read going over my entire medical history and my goals for the near future.

UPDATE: It's been 5 months since my 1st appt and after being sick for more than a year, I am FINALLY feeling better. Dr. Read got me on a great health plan and has continually checked in with me and my progress. I also love that I can email them through their website and Dr. Read herself calls me back with an answer. I'm on the path to recovery and I have Dr. Read to thank.

UPDATE: It's been 18 months since I first saw Dr. Read. I'm finally healthy! Don't be discouraged when you first see her and you're not better in a month. Healing takes time and Dr. Read is a GEM.

So, here's my 2017 update... Dr. Read continues to be the only doctor who I've seen who understands the benefit of mixing eastern and western medicine. She knows the importance of going beyond "regular tests" and is always wanting to heal long term. She's not a doctor who feels the need to see you all the time if it isn't necessary, but she's also very attentive. Every few months I'll get an email in my patient portal of her just checking in on my progress. She is truly a healer who is genuinely concerned about all her patients."

Elisabeth R

"Dr Read deserves a MILLION STARS!!! She absolutely SAVED my life!!! I was going to Dr. Read for general health and hormone replacement. She is a MAGNIFICENT doctor and even greater person. There are enough adjectives to describe how AMAZING she is in every way. I had a SUPER minor twinge in my right rib and she asked me to get on the table and see if she could feel anything. I thought it would most likely be nothing or maybe a minor digestion issue. She suggested I get a scan of my abdomen. I thought that was overkill since I felt healthy. I did the scan and they found cancer in my gallbladder and liver which absolutely shocked me! Needless to say, I would NOT be alive today if it was not for the diligence and excellence of Dr. Read. When I went to the oncologist the very next day which she had arranged. He actually met with me at 6pm on Friday right before a 3-day weekend. He was great and could not believe how thorough she was and pretty convinced that most doctors would have detected nothing. Had this gone undiagnosed, I would have had 4 months to live. I owe everything to Dr. Read recommend her HUGELY!!! Her staff is wonderful and treats makes their patients great."

Christine A